Bathtub Refinishing Services

If you're looking for someone to do Atlanta bathtub refinishing services in your home, call the experts from TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration. For over 20 years we have been the trusted ones in the community who have made the following services possible.

Porcelain Bathroom Refinishing

Atlanta Bathtub RefinsihingThe way your bathtub looks can add to the enjoyment and fun in your bathing experience. That's why we offer porcelain bathroom refinishing. We are the bathtub, bathroom specialists that can re-do your bathroom for a price less than replacing.

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Porcelain Tile Refinishing

Porcelain Tile RefinishingYour tiles should not be ignored in your bathroom. The more they become neglected the more of a chance for mildew buildup and cracking. We can provide you with porcelain tile refinishing and restore your tiles to a whole new look.

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Porcelain Sink Refinishing

Porcelain Sink RefinishingThe sink is one of the more used pieces in your bathroom. The sink is the focal point of many bathrooms. With this in mind, given great attention to the sink is a wise idea. Call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration for Atlanta porcelain sink refinishing and save on repairs or replacement for it.

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Tile & Tub Chip Repair

Tile & Tub Chip RepairWe are your tile & tub chip repair specialist, we take every precaution to fix the problem, and not make it worse. You will be totally satisfied with the work done in your bathroom and that's a promise. Our service is geared to make your bathroom look new again

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Tile & Tub Stain & Rust Removal

Tile & Tub Stain & Rust RemovalRust and stains on your tile or bathtub can take away from the beauty of your bathroom. This is why having tile & tub stain & rust removal can work to make your bathroom unbelievable looking. TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration has the expertise and experience to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

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Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing

Fiberglass Bathtub RefinishingYour  fiberglass bathtub refinishing company at TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration can put new life into your old tub. Don't spend over $1000 for a new tub. Give us a call and let us reglaze your fiberglass bathtub. You'll see the difference immediately.

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Fiberglass Crack Repair

Fiberglass Crack RepairSince fiberglass is a self-floating type of plumbing fixture, it flexes whenever stepped on. Over the years, cracks and splits will form. Leaks will occur too whenever there is pressure put onto the fiberglass. Fiberglass crack repairs can resolve your issues.

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Come to TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration for bathtub refinishing services in Atlanta and see the value that's within your bathroom. We can take care of your components and seal them off from water damage and more.

If you're looking for an Atlanta bathtub refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.