Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing in Atlanta

Atlanta Bathtub RefinishingBathing should be a very pleasurable experience that relaxes the whole body giving a person a chance to rest and cleanse him or herself at the same time. Slipping into a hot bath for a period of time allows one to just close their eyes, relax, and just have a quiet time by him or her. However, the way your bathtub looks can add to the enjoyment and fun in your bathing experience. That's why TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration offers Atlanta porcelain bathtub refinishing. We are the bathtub, bathroom specialists that can re-do your bathroom for a price less than replacing.

New Look for Your Tub

Giving your bathtub a different look doesn't mean that you should buy a brand new one. Buying a new one can be very expensive. So, with a little imagination and by following these simple steps, you can refinish your bathtub, give it that brand new look and have a more pleasurable experience bathing in your new bathtub.

Calling the Refinishing Experts

When refinishing your bathtub, consider giving your Atlanta porcelain bathtub refinishing experts a call. Refinishing your bathtub can be a little tricky. Call someone with experience is definitely a good option.

Porcelain Bathtub Services

  • Porcelain bathtub refinish work
  • Porcelain bathtub fixes
  • Porcelain bathtub repairs

Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks and Vanity Refinishing

Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and vanities can be refinished using our guaranteed method. We make the improvements, to your bathroom, that you need for better design and cost-effective. From scratches to dents, to aged tubs; we take care of your problems.

Bathroom Maintenance

Our refinishing service will save you money on repairs. Living with a world of future repairs to your bathroom takes time out of your day and money from your pocket that is unnecessary. Call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration for an estimate today.

Making Your Bathroom Look New Again

Porcelain is something that is ignored in bathrooms all over the United Sates. Porcelain can suffer lots of problems such as embedded stain and chips. The refinishing process won't take long and in no time you'll have your bathroom looking new again.

Refinishing Process

The refinishing coating process is impact resistant, high gloss, chemical and water resistant too. We only use the highest grade, top quality coating. Our crew takes the time to ensure that your bathroom is prepped properly.

Call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration for porcelain bathtub refinishing and have the bathroom that you've always wanted. You'll find that you are paying less for maintenance and repairs in the future while having a bathroom that is more valuable to the home.

If you're looking for a Atlanta porcelain bathtub refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.