Blackshear Place Bathtub Refinishing

Atlanta Bathtub RefinishingBlackshear Place bathtub refinishing and repairs to your tile can all be done by the masterminds at TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration. We have been servicing the area for many years and even today are growing stronger as our services can turn your bathroom around in no time at all. You'll find a renewed love for your bathroom whenever you seek our services out.

How can you make your bathroom look better and your tub feel more comfortable without paying for a complete remodel? Call the comfort specialists to find out how. From a split in the fiberglass to a chip in the porcelain, we can take care of them and so much more.

There are many reasons that our resurfacing services are much better than remodeling. With a remodel, you're paying for every component of the bathroom to be renovated. Also-a remodel can take days if not months to complete, leaving you without a working bathroom.

Blackshear Place Bathtub Refinishing

For the ultimate in bathtub refinishing, call the pros. You don't have to give up on that old tub just yet. Let us come out and take a look at it. If it's wearing and no longer fits into your bathroom's stylish design, we can make the appropriate changes to it.

Color change is something that a lot of people do to their porcelain bathtubs. Making these and other repairs will make it look new once again and only costing you a fraction of the price that a remodel would. A remodel would also take up a majority of your time.

Turning your bathroom around through resurfacing or reglazing will make it worth the price. There are lots of things that can go wrong with your tub over the years and we want to be the ones who can restore its value as well as looks.

Blackshear Place Tile Repairs

There's something to be said about tile repairs. Maybe yours are worn, possibly outdated. But there is one main reason why homeowners have tile repairs done and that's to prevent water damage. Water damage can cause lots unforeseen problems:

  • Interior damage
  • Floor buckling
  • Internal wall damage

Pick up the phone and call today. You will be making the right decision for your tiles and saving yourself time and money. No one realizes this but; with repairs to the tiles, you are saving on replacements which can be a tricky installation as well as finding the same style and brand again. We are the Blackshear Place tile refinishing experts.

Blackshear Place, GA

If you're looking for a Blackshear Place bathtub refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.


What Other Are Saying About Us

Hired them to refinish the master bath. More than satisfied with the service and professionalism. The work came with a 5 year warranty.

The next day I noticed some slight discoloration around the drain. Called and they came right back a day later to redo that area. Because of this, I would recommend them to anyone that asks. It's not easy finding contractors that stand behind their work these days.

-Derek R. | Atlanta, GA