Chestnut Mountain Bathtub Refinishing

Chestnut Mountain Bathtub RefinishingTubMaster Reglazing & Restoration has been resurfacing Chestnut Mountain bathtubs and tile for the last 16 years. Our  refinishing technicians offer on time, top quality, guaranteed service. We use only thoroughly tested premium quality coatings. We have a 5 step prep process that ensures proper adhesion and durability. Call and schedule yours today. When your bathroom needs help, we will be there to take care of it and provide you with the best service possible.

Our refinishing coatings are impact resistant, high gloss, chemical and water resistant. Because we use only top quality coatings and spend the time and effort needed to ensure everything is prepped properly, we are able to offer a 5 year warranty on workmanship and product durability.

Your bathroom is one sacred room of the home where there's always lots of foot traffic. The more people that use it, the more damages that your tub, shower, vanity and other components.

Chestnut Mountain Bathtub Refinishing

When it's time to have your bathtub replaced, think before you act. At TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration we specialize in refinishing. There is nothing more attractive than a refinished tub that will hold its value for many years to come.  Chestnut Mountain bathtub refinishing avoids replacing.

Giving your bathtub a different look doesn't mean that you should buy a brand new tub. Buying a new bathtub can be very expensive. With a little imagination and the right craftsmanship, you can refinish your bathtub, give it that brand new look and have a more pleasurable experience bathing in your new bathtub.

Contact the experts in today and save money on our refinishing work. Before you know it; we'll be finished with the job and you'll have bathroom that is worth more in resell value. Our goal is to provide satisfaction with every refinishing job we do.

Chestnut Mountain Tile Repairs

There are many reasons why our tile repair service is worth the investment. Think of how much you've invested over the year into your tile. You've probably made a stable investment that makes them worth keeping. We can preserve your tiles by:

  • Removing the chips
  • Removing stains
  • Removing rust

Whenver your tiles are dirt, you can opt to have our service done to them. We have a proven method that has worked for us over the years and want to pass it along to you. Call today and have Chestnut Mountain tile & tub chip repairs done before they become too much of a problem.

Chestnut Mountain, GA

If you're looking for a Chestnut Mountain bathtub refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.