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How To Create An Upscale Look With Tub & Tile Refinishing

Tile and Tub Refinishing in AtlantaWanting to get rid of that old blue or salmon colored tub? Are you tired of the 70’s style porcelain tiles? Before you throw out that old blue, green, or pinkish colored tub and all the tilework, think about having the tub refinished instead. Refinishing those old surfaces is a great idea because let’s face it, they’re really out of date.

While many people may try to work with the colors, it’s just a losing battle if you want an updated contemporary bathroom. You don’t want to get stuck with the old 70’s style sink, tub, and toilet. Instead, you can get the tub, tiles, and sink refinished in contemporary colors that you like. You’ll be able to choose a new color that will go well with a new design style.

Tub and sink refinishing helps to save the budget for more important things like heated flooring, a heated towel bar, or a skylight. You get the best of both worlds by not replacing these fixtures. As Atlanta bathtub refinishing experts, we’ve put together a few tips about achieving an upscale look for your bathroom.

Contemporary Colors For Upscale Tubs

While most people go with traditional white when refinishing a tub, just about any color can be achieved. There are many available in contemporary shades of gray, brown, pink, green, blue, purple, tan, yellow, and so on. You can also get a granite look with different multi-color glazes. A true tub refinishing professional will be able to create something amazing for you that is completely unique.

Today, the various shades of brown and gray are making their way back into homes. However, some of the best designs are created by those who aren’t afraid of using color. Be bold and think outside the box. If lemon twist, sunflower, merlot, or rainforest green appeal to you, go for it! The key is to make it all look cohesive -as if the entire bathroom was designed around that amazing color.

Glazes For Fiberglass, Acrylic, & Porcelain Tubs & Sinks

A porcelain tub is actually the surface coating of a cast iron or steel tub. The enamel coating can get chipped or cracked to where the underlying steel is exposed to moisture. The rusting, as well as the surface imperfection, is a problem. Fiberglass and acrylic tubs also have a specific finish type that can get damaged. Fiberglass is known to crack at times, but all this damage can normally be repaired. If you have an old tub, the surface defects can be repaired and the whole thing can be refinished with a new coat of glaze.

Why You Want A Bathtub Refinishing Service Instead Of DIY

In 2013, the CDC posted an article about 14 workers who died since 2000 from exposure to methylene chloride during bathtub refinishing service. Any glaze or other product with methylene chloride should only be used by a professional who is familiar with the dangers. The bathroom will need proper ventilation to where there is no buildup of the toxic vapors allowed.

Anyone can do anything themselves, and we’re all about doing something that fun and rewarding. However, you need to realize that tub refinishing takes a lot of practice to get right. There are many factors involved that have to be taken into account and handled correctly. You’ll find a few DIY tub refinishing kits on the market, but none deliver the results you expect. Attempting this type of DIY project usually ends up with the homeowner needing a professional to fix the mistakes. And that usually ends up with us redoing the entire project.

Achieving A Long-Lasting Beautiful Finish

When bathtub or tile refinishing is professionally done, the new surface should last another 8 to ten years or so. It all depends on the quality of the work, the quality of the finish, how the surface was prepared, and how you maintained it. If you don’t use abrasive cleaners and protect the finish, it should look just as beautiful as it did when new for many years to come.

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