Tile & Tub Stain & Rust Removal Service in Atlanta

Atlanta Bathtub RefinishingGetting tough stains out of your bathtub or tile can be a little overwhelming at times. There are some stains that come out easy with little work, but then there are tougher ones. We know that you want your bathroom to look the best it can be all of the time. Rust and stains on your tile or bathtub can take away from the beauty of your bathroom. This is why having Atlanta tile & tub stain & rust removal can work to make your bathroom unbelievable looking. TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration has the bathtub refinishing expertise and experience to get the job done right and in a timely manner. You can put your mind at ease when you call us.


Part of the maintenance involved with tile and tubs is scrubbing them to avoid mildew and other dirt buildup. If ignored, the dirt and mildew buildup will grow into something that is next to impossible to get rid of. You'll then be facing a costly replacement job.

Tile & Tub Stain & Rust Removal Services

  • Tile stain removal
  • Bathtub stain removal
  • Bathtub rust removal
  • Tile rust removal

Bathtub Stains & Rust

Older bathtubs are more prone to developing rust than newer units. Over time, this will happen. If you want to preserve your Atlanta bathtub, call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration. An old-fashioned claw foot tub is valuable but not when it's permanently stained or rusted.

Tile Stains

Being in the bathroom, tile is exposed to a lot. There are many things that can damage your tile such as soap scum and foot traffic, depending where it is located. We have the right solution for them and want to take care of them for you affordably.

Rust in the Bathroom

Rust in your bathroom is usually due to iron containing metals in the bathroom fixtures or a mineral-rich water supply. It's a constant problem that is hard to take care of on your own. Bleaches and store bought solutions often do more damage than harm.

Using Bleach in your Bathroom

Bleach should not be used in the bathroom for several reasons. Bleach does a lot of harm and often impacts one's health and damages the tiles and porcelain. The same goes for cleaning solutions as they can ruin your bathroom components for good.

Contact the Atlanta tile & tub stain & chip removal specialists at TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration today and live happily with a bathroom that's free of all that. We can add the necessary value to your home with a bathroom that looks practically remodeled.

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