Porcelain Sink Refinishing in Atlanta

Atlanta Bathtub RefinighingHaving your porcelain sink refinished is a great way to put some new life in your bathroom. Many times we think about painting the walls, installing new flooring, or even replacing fixtures, but a more cost effective choice is refinishing the fixtures. The sink is one of the more used pieces in your bathroom. The sink is the focal point of many bathrooms. With this in mind, given great attention to the sink is a wise idea. Call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration for Atlanta porcelain sink refinishing and save on repairs or replacement for it.

Experienced Sink Refinishers

We have the experience need to make your sink look new again. Don't let a crack or chip take away from the beauty of your bathroom. Let us refinish your sink to give you a whole new look. You will be amazed at the final product.

Porcelain Sink Services

  • Porcelain sink refinish work
  • Porcelain sink fixes
  • Porcelain sink repairs

Foregoing Replacements

You do not have to suffer from the pain of having to replace your sink. Our Atlanta refinishing process can take care of the damages such as cracks and chips. We'll also change the color of your sink if you so desire. We'll protect your sink from future damages.

Refinishing Process Makes a Sink Like New

Your sink will look new once again through our 5-step guaranteed process. We will refinish your porcelain sink so that you get more usage out of it. Refinishing just makes more sense when it is done through our techs.

Cleaning & Maintenance

You'll find that your sink will not be in need of a lifetime of maintenance. Cleaning it will be a simple task that will not take all day to complete. We'll make your sink a breeze to take care of. Call for more details and save.

Porcelain Color Change

The nice thing about our porcelain refinishing process is that you can change the color of your sink without having to go the hardware store to find a replacement. Change the color of your sink and save money. Maybe a new colorful sink will change the appearance of your bathroom.

Why Refinishing is the Best Option

  • Saves money
  • Eliminates hazards
  • Preserves sink
  • Prevents frustrations

No matter why you would need a Atlanta porcelain sink refinishing job done in your bathroom, call the experts and see why we have been the number one contractors to call on since 1995. No one will make you see the value of your bathroom more than we can.

If you're looking for a Atlanta porcelain sink refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.