Atlanta Porcelain Tile Refinishing

Atlanta Bathtub RefinishingIf you have unsightly tile surrounding your bathtub, or on your bathroom or shower walls, don't replace it, call TubMaster Reglazing & Restoration, your Atlanta porcelain tile refinishing experts, because we can refinish it on time and affordably. Refinishing tile is a more economical and practical alternative to replacing it, because replacement tile can be expensive, and the process of removal and installation can be nothing more than a big mess that takes a long time.  Call us today for an estimate on what it will take to make your tile looking new and pretty again.

Tile Upgrades

If your tile and the wall behind the tile is still in good shape, and all you want to do is update the color, choose refinishing over replacing!  An added benefit to refinishing wall tile around the bathtub or in the shower is that it seals the grout lines so water can't get past the grout anymore.  You won't have any more mildewed grout lines!

Tile Services

  • Porcelain tile refinish work
  • Porcelain tile fixes
  • Porcelain tile repairs

Residential Bathroom Tile Work

Your tiles should not be ignored in your Atlanta bathroom. The more they become neglected the more of a chance for mildew buildup and cracking. A cracked tile will allow water to seep in and damage them requiring replacement tiles.

Practical and Economical Solution for the Bathroom

Refinishing tile is a service that will save you money and not waste your time. Why pay to have them replaced whenever you can have them refinished using our guaranteed 5-step process. We know that you'll see the value in your tile whenever the job is completed.

Reasons to Hire Us

  • 5 year warrant on workmanship
  • Guaranteed product durability
  • Locally owned and operated contractors
  • Techs have over 19 years of experience

Saving Your Outdated Tiles

Your tiles, no matter how old they are, can be saved. Using the best solvents and refinishing process; we can add new life into your tiles. Your bathroom walls and floors can be saved from being replaced no matter if they are old, outdated, or discolored.

Sealing Out Water

When your tiles are refinished; they will seal out water and moisture. They will be easier to clean and eliminate mold & mildew growth. We promise that our process encapsulates your tiles and grout. This creates a watertight seal that nothing can penetrate.

Your bathroom tile can be saved through Atlanta porcelain tile refinishing. Save yourself money and time by calling the bathtub refinsihing experts in. Since 1995, we have been the contractors to call for better bathroom appeal.

If you're looking for a Atlanta porcelain tile refinishing company, then give us a call at 770-294-2299 or complete our online request form.